Bespoke Jewellery Design

At Wentworth Jewels, we know that jewellery can form everlasting memories. This is why our bespoke jewellery is developed especially for you. Each piece is personally crafted by the team here in Wilmslow.
From start to finish we will collaborate with you to make your dreams come true!
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Hand Crafted Classic Jewellery Collection

Peter is a trained Goldsmith, qualifying at the London Metropolitan University (Sir John Cass College) under the retired Crown jewellers of Garrards.
Classic Jewellery pieces that have stood the test of time and risen to the forefront of popularity with movie stars, celebrities and fashion icons are re-created under Peters hand.
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Fair Trade Gold

Wentworth Jewels does prefer to use Fair trade gold from our sources in London who have won the right to import gold, silver and platinum at a fair trade rate. These mines follow ethical practices and do not use harsh chemicals to extract the metal.
We also like to use "pre-loved" pieces from clients that would prefer us to re-work the gold, silver and platinum they no longer want to wear, to make something new.

We buy Gold & Silver

We will buy your gold or silver, whether it is scrap or old jewellery. Please bring a photo identification as required by law.
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Jewelery Restoration and Jewelery Repairs

Peter is highly trained to repair any piece, that needs special attention and he loves seeing the old masters work, that might just need a polish to bring a great piece back to life. Peter takes time on every single piece and has great respect for your "pre-loved" pieces.
If there are stones missing from a piece you have, they can be replaced at a very reasonable price. Wentworth jewels is more than happy to repair other pieces of jewellery from other jewellery houses.
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Jewelery Resizing

To re-size any ring is a fine art, and a skill that takes many many years to prefect! Peter will ask you to make an appointment to see him to meassure your finger correctly.
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Jewellery Valuations

Wentworth Jewels is happy to make any valuation for your most precious jewels. We recommend our clients update their insurance every 12 months, by taking photos of each piece and having valuations carried out every 12 months. We also recommend using a bank vault to store your beautiful pieces.
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Pearl Stringing

Wentworth Jewels recommends your pearls to be re-strung every 12 months as the pure silk stretches and weakens over time and use. Wentworth jewels offers a re-stringing service, we take great care in this service as each pearl is a great gift from mother nature and must be respected.
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Jewellery Remodeling

Do you have a ring you would like to change in some way? Perhaps use the gem in a different ring, necklace or bracelet?
Peter loves working with clients that have their own gemstones. By making an appointment with Peter you can enjoy the excitement in designing your very own piece.
A true memory that is yours forever!
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Watch Repairs

Owning a beautifully made time piece is a life-long commitment, and sometimes even the best made watches need to be repaired after accidental damage or because a service has become overdue.
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