Wentworth pearl necklaces start from �500, earrings from �200 and bracelets from �300.
Wentworth pearls are renowned as the finest quality and most beautiful pearls one can acquire. The very best pearls are found in the south pacific, northern Australia and Tahiti and we only purchase our pearls from two world renowned suppliers.

The main colours of pearls are subtle silvers to black, white and champagne golds. I can supply any size and any colour, shade you require.
Our pearl services will make sure your pearls are looking their best. If there is movement between each pearl on your necklace, it means the silk has stretched and needs re-stringing.

Wentworth Tip - never leave your pearls in continual broad daylight as this will cause your pearls to crack the patina.
Black Taihitian Bracelet
with magnetic catch
10mm South Sea Pearls
set with White Diamonds
Black Taihitian ring
White Pearl Bracelet
with magnetic catch
18ct White Gold
Pearl ring
18ct Gold
Pearl ring
Black Taihitian Pearl
necklace with Diamonds
White Pearl Necklace
with Diamonds