Wentworth Jewels

Peter came to London in 2006 to study Goldsmithing at the London Metropolitan University (Sir John Cass College) under the retired Crown jewellers of Garrards.

After learning the traditional way to make Jewellery by hand, Peter went on to win many awards in the industry. In 2008 and also 2009 he was awarded the prestigious City & Guilds Gold medal by His Royal Highness Prince Phillip at Buckingham Palace. This award has not been won by a jeweller since 1840.

Meeting His Royal Highness Prince Phillip at
Buckingham Palace was such a great honour
and one that Peter will keep for ever.
Peter Wentworth with His Royal Highness Prince Phillip
Princes Trust Medal

Why Wentworths?

I have a deep understanding of how important jewellery is for each person. When you have a piece commissioned to be made, you are welcomed at each step of the process to discuss your ideas, try different gems, see how your dream will become reality.

I am happy to discuss your budget and aim to accommodate your wishes and dreams within that budget.

The pieces I create are not just another "item" to be sold, as each piece is lovingly hand made and has its own identity.

I will welcome you back for a free checkup on your piece as part of my personal aftercare service.

Our Trust

Wentworth Jewels sources gemstones from all over the world. I only source direct from the mines in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Australia for coloured stones, pearls. Diamonds are sourced from De Beers site holders in London exclusively.

All our diamonds come with a GIA or GEM-A certificates as I firmly support the "Stop Blood Diamonds" campaign.

I look forward to making an everlasting memory for you.

Peter Wentworth