Chemmy Alcott and Dougie Crawford Engaged

Chemmy was kind enough to share a few words...


It's hard for me to express how happy shocked I was when Dougie proposed and I saw the ring. I don't even think it should be called a ring - that doesn't do it justice. It is an exquisite piece of sensational art.


I don't normally like surprises. But the day Dougie got down on one knee and opened that little black box is a moment I will remember forever.


Knowing now that I carry a piece of my late mother with me and that she will watch as I experience all of life's emotional rollercoaster makes my heart swell with joy. Thank you Wentworth jewels and Peter for understanding me so completely and making me so happy!


Dougie wanted to say...


Peter Wentworth was just amazing in helping with the whole ring buying experience. He made it easy and fun and really helped take the stress out of the process! The piece he came back with is just stunning and made me so proud that I was able to give something that beautiful to my future wife.


The ring has such a great back story with the diamond coming from Chemmy's mum, and the saphires coming from another family member.  Its so magical that Chemmy can now have something with her everyday with such emotion attached.


Thank you Wenworths!


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Chemmy Alcott and Luc Floreani

Grand Ring

Grand Ring